Premises and Limitations of Free Public Transport Implementation

  • Grzegorz Dydkowski
  • Jozef Gnap
Keywords: public transport, free provision, public funds, effectiveness, mobility, policy


For many years issues of the free provision of transport services, including urban public transport, were outside the main trends of transport economics considerations. However, nowadays, the discussion is ongoing related to usefulness and limitations of the free urban public transport implementation. Protection of the city environment, reduction of personal cars traffic, and increased accessibility and mobility in cities are given as premises for such solution introduction. However, assessments of introduced solutions may not necessarily confirm the assumptions made. Financial problems and those in provision of services - characteristic of goods and services provided for free - add to that. The paper has undertaken the issue related to premises and limitations related to introduction of the fare free urban public transport in regard to the pursuit of effectiveness in the public management.

Author Biographies

Grzegorz Dydkowski

Department of Transport, University of Economics in Katowice, Poland and Metropolitan Transport Authority in Katowice (ZTM in Katowice), Poland

Jozef Gnap

Department of Road and Urban Transport, Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications, University of Zilina, Slovakia

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Grzegorz Dydkowski, & Jozef Gnap. (2019). Premises and Limitations of Free Public Transport Implementation. Communications - Scientific Letters of the University of Zilina, 21(4), 13-18.
Operation and Economics in Transport