Analysis of the Market Risk Sources in the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of Transport

  • Maria Hudakova
  • Jan Dvorsky
Keywords: market risk, small and medium-sized enterprise, transport, losing the customers, stagnation of the market


The aim of this paper was to define the important market risk sources in the transport small and medium-sized enterprises segment. A part of this aim is to find out how entrepreneurs evaluate these sources, and quantify the differences in their evaluation based on the entrepreneur’s characteristics, such as nationality, age, gender and others. The questionnaire was completed by 122 enterprises from Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Serbia. Statistical tools such as pivot tables, percentages and goodness-of-fit tests were applied to verify the formulated hypotheses. The most important source of market risk is a strong competition in the line of business. The obtained education of entrepreneurs is statistically significant characteristics for the evaluation of the market risk sources in selected transport enterprises. The findings are important for state institutions and their support systems in the transport SMEs segment.

Author Biographies

Maria Hudakova

Department of Crisis Management, Faculty of Security Engineering, University of Zilina, Slovakia

Jan Dvorsky

Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Management and Economics, Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic

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Maria Hudakova, & Jan Dvorsky. (2019). Analysis of the Market Risk Sources in the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of Transport. Communications - Scientific Letters of the University of Zilina, 21(4), 97-103.
Safety and Security Engineering in Transport