Compaction Density Determination of the Road Asphalt Layers

  • Denisa Cihlarova
  • Petr Mondschein
  • Silvia Capayova
Keywords: asphalt mixture, compaction, quality control, destructive method, non-destructive method, nuclear density gauge, electrical density gauges, bulk density, drill core, multi-criteria evaluation


This paper analyses the destructive and non-destructive methods for checking the degree of compaction of asphalt layers and their multi-criteria evaluation. The data obtained during laying of ACO 11+50 mm thickness was selected for the analysis. The bulk density was determined by using probes Troxler 3440, Troxler 2701 and from the drill cores in these given locations. According to the analysis accuracy, the probe Troxler 2701 used to determine the final degree of compaction of the construction asphalt layer and for the routine control of compaction is not suitable, even though when applying AHP (Analytic Hierarch Process) it was assessed as the second most suitable one.

Author Biographies

Denisa Cihlarova

Department of Transport Constructions, Faculty of Civil Engineering, VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Petr Mondschein

Department of Road Structures, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

Silvia Capayova

Department of Transportation Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia

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Cihlarova, D., Mondschein, P., & Capayova, S. (2018). Compaction Density Determination of the Road Asphalt Layers. Communications - Scientific Letters of the University of Zilina, 20(3), 61-66.
Civil Engineering in Transport